Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hollister Co.

This letter is based on a bad experience a friend had at Hollister.

This is in fact a photo of the actual potato that was sent to them

Here it is in it's shipping container.

I expected a quick response. When none had arrived after about a month I wrote back.

I'm not too excited about Tom's reply.

They never answered my followup. I have reason to believe they found this website and decided not to play my reindeer games anymore.


lynn said...

that's the prettiest potato i've ever seen.

lioness8385 said...

are you serious? while hollister clothing may be cut in junior sizes, it is clearly not actually just for juniors. anyone that has been inside of a hollister store has seen the marketing that hang from the walls of the store and on the porch - it looks just like the images on the gift cards. if you aren't comfortable giving out a gift card with an image like that, why would you want to encourage your young niece, Cindy, to shop at the store at all? why not give her a gift card to the innocent limited too instead? get a life . . . did you really expect to get a real response about your potato-themed photo shoot?