Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Houston Astros

The same day I mailed this letter I also sent a letter asking some folks for a rock. I chose the Astros as recipients BECAUSE they had virtually no infield dirt at the Astrodome. That seemed funnier to me. Check out the reference to Martinson's Coffee. When I mention a coffee brand that's generally the one. It pops up elsewhere.

Much to my surprise, and delight, they responded. But they couldn't possibly be fulfilling my request, could they?

This box is slightly smaller than one that would fit a bowling ball.

Wow! Dirt!

When I got to the part of the letter where I mentioned mud pies I figured they would only send dirt if they thought I was a recovering mental patient.

Part of me thinks they were going along with the gag, but the letter is so straightforward I think Bobby Forrest and the rest of the folks over at the Astros were just being friendly.

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