Wednesday, December 19, 2007

General Mills

It's still hard for me to believe they didn't jump all over this idea.

Sadly, all my enthusiasm was met with a form letter. And they actually returned my original letter. I guess they didn't want to store the evidence in case they came up with this "on their own" later.

I remember learning about Eli Whitney in school. At the time it seemed like useless knowledge that I'd never be able to apply in the real world. How wrong I was.

Linda really doesn't seem to be confident in my ability to take the cereal world by storm.

Obviously it was time to turn the madness up another notch or two.

No response to the above letter. Was this going to be the end for Linda and I? Certainly I wasn't ready for us to be over. By the time she read the letter below she had to think I was cuckoo for cocoa puffs if she didn't previosuly.

Short and sweet this time. Perhaps I could have written her again, but the response might have been a restaining order. I wonder what Linda is up to these days. And more importantly I wonder if she talks about me on thanksgiving.

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