Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Gillette Company

This letter was sort of inspired by an episode of Seinfeld. But only in a very vague way, that I can't imagine anyone actually picking up, on even now that I've mentioned it. I had Brian add "Room B" to Hal's address when he came up with this stationery because I thought it would make it seem like Hal lived in a half-way house, insane asylum or other similar odd situation.

When it comes to writing letters, form letter responses are the bane of my existence. Coupons don't dull my disappointment with lame responses.

Even though I hate the form letter, I mind them less when a name is attached. That gives me someone to address. Although sometimes I think the name is a fake one that the entire customer service team uses. Hal isn't pleased when a company he announces his love of, gives him short shrift.

Getting Shecky mentioned by name made this 2nd response a lot more satisfying. They actually had to do something other than punch Hal's name in the recipient box. Check out Andreas signature though. Compare it to the one above. They're nothing alike.

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