Monday, December 10, 2007

Tropicana Orange Juice

I believe I had the idea for this letter before the Tropicana Casino one. But then I decided to write them both and somehow the other one went out first. I'd been looking for a place to mention Tommy Shaw and this seemed as good a place as any. I'm a huge fan of everything he's ever done.

For some reason I expected their response to have a least a little bit of humor in it. Obviously that was a silly wish.

I really unleashed a bit of rage in this letter. Clearly I was hoping for a reaction. There was no letter back this time. They had one of their attorneys contact me by phone. Since my number is judiciously unlisted they called the relative who lived the closest and gave them an earful. Basically they threatened their own lawsuit. I was working on yet another followup but after consulting my real-life attorney (not Carl Lindroski) he persuaded me to let it drop here. Man, they were PISSED.

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