Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Governor Christine Todd Whitman

In August of 1994 I was at an Eagles concert at Giants Stadium. Then Governor Whitman, was sitting directly behind me. I said hi and she seemed friendly enough. A couple of years later I recall reading or hearing some story about pigs as pets. It seemed like a good time to get in touch with the Governor.

I waited and waited. Finally when I could wait no more I decided to play the Uncle Irwin card. Asking for things on behalf on an elderly uncle seems to tug at the heart strings for most people.

A response from the Governor herself would have been preferable of course. But the fact that her aide responded to both of my issues made up for it. I enjoyed tying in the scent fuel thing as if it were a reality. This was one of the first times I did that. Eventually it would become a fairly regular thing for a letter to exist within the world of the other letters. It was a place where all the things I wrote were true.

At least the Governor was nice enough to take care of Uncle Irwin on his 65th birthday.

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