Sunday, December 23, 2007

National Model Railroad Association

It seemed hard to believe that there was an organization dedicated to Model Railroads. As dull as this group sounded to me, I was going to make them an offer that was even duller than I thought they were.

Imagine my shock when they said they were into it!

Not only did they want my videotapes, they wanted me to know all about their organization. Thank goodness they highlighted the important passages.

What, nothing important on the back?

Once piece of literature wasn't enough....

See what fun you can have if you join their club?! Yippee!

I can be very patient. I claimed I had 6 months to live in the first letter. I waited almost 9 months and wrote them back. Well my fake son wrote them. Of course I had to offer them something I was sure they didn't want. You may want to check out the Taxidermy letter after this one.

The most amazing thing is not that they couldn't accept the corpse, nor is it the fact that they still don't realize the whole thing is a joke. The real shocker is that they actually looked into taking my dead body. Really!? Come on people, wake up!

Considering how good these people were about getting back to me I figured a 3rd letter was in order.

It's absolutely astounding to me how badly they seem to want this footage I claim to have. I was tempted to shoot a couple of hours worth of useless footage and send it to them but never did.

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You are teh funnay